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Updated July 2017

Beginning his career in 1983 as a true pioneer in the marketing and promotions industry, U.S. Marketing & Promotions’ (“USM&P”) founder Jason Moskowitz has had a profound influence on the way today’s Fortune-500 companies are marketing their products.  From gigantic record-breaking new product introductions to sophisticated mall marketing programs to specialized mobile vehicle campaigns, Mr. Moskowitz has set the precedent in the world of promotion marketing.  Successes include the launching of many well-known brands from Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Crayola, Miller Brewing Company, Nissan, Hormel Foods, Wal*Mart, Reebok, Unilever, and Pepsi-Cola.

After ranking 107th on the prestigious Inc. 500 list in 1999 and #2 fastest growing company in the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2000 rankings, USM&P ranked #1 atop PROMO Magazine’s list of the nation’s top marketing service companies in 2000.  Realizing that he had taken the company to its maximum height as an independent business, Mr. Moskowitz skillfully guided the company through an electrifying M&A experience.  It ended with a successful sale of the company to the world’s top advertising conglomerate, The OmnicomGroup Incorporated (NYSE: OMC and Fortune 500 #191), in May 2000 in a deal valued at over $250 Million.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Moskowitz co-founded V2V Acquisitions & Development Company, LLC (“V2V”) as a private platform for real estate development, financing and investments.  Under Mr. Moskowitz’s leadership, V2V has grown into a successful enterprise with various deals and experience in developments and financings of hotels, condominiums, single-family residences, office buildings, shopping centers, large-scale residential developments, land banking and financial services. 

Additionally, Mr. Moskowitz co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of InSymphony Private Capital (“InSymphony”), its wholly-owned subsidiary, Orchestra Quarterly Income Fund, LLC and chaired InSymphony’s investment committee through 2010.   His focus included uncovering emerging investment opportunities, developing and maintaining investment community and institutional relationships.  With his Top 25 business book, “Spark: Lending Your Way to Real Estate Millions, The Orchestra Funding Revolution,” and many magazine articles published, Mr. Moskowitz has taken an industry leadership position in providing an income producing investment vehicle that, he believes, will not only make the everyday investor a safe and generous return, but in fact, pave the road to global economic recovery. 

Always looking ahead and up, in early 2002, Mr. Moskowitz co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of SkyBridge Private Air until its successful sale to Magellan Jets in 2012.  Voted Robb Report’s prestigious 2005, 2006 and 2007 Best of the Best Award, SkyBridge is a leading international private jet charter-broker company serving the non-fractional jet market.  Freedom From Fractional sm is the call that private jet flyers around the world have heard and fueled SkyBridge’s explosive growth.
SkyBridge Private Air: SkyBridgePrivateAir

In partnership with highly successful Hollywood producer Ted Field, Mr. Moskowitz is a founding partner and Board Member of Radar Pictures, Incorporated.  Radar Pictures is the producer of The Last Samurai; Amityville Horror; Texas Chain Saw Massacre; Zathura; Waist Deep; Ben Stiller’s hit comedy, The Heartbreak Kid; Swing Vote with Kevin Costner; The Box with Cameron Diaz and Frank Langella; All About Steve with Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper; The Invention of Lying with Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner and Tina Fey; and Everybody’s Fine with Robert DeNiro, Kate Beckinsale and Drew Barrymore.  Most recent releases include Riddick II with Vin Diesel and Spring Breakers with Selena Gomez and James Franco.  There are currently seventeen titles in-development including Kickboxer starring Dave Bautista; All Quiet On The Western Front directed by Roger Donaldson; Under The Bed directed by Daniel Myrick (Blair Witch Project); and Club Life starring Jessica Szohr.  Mr. Moskowitz is also Executive Producer of The Drowning, written by The Rothenbergers (Expendables 3, Olympus Has Fallen series).   In 2012 Radar added a music division, Trauma 2 Records.
Radar Pictures at IMDB: IMDB - Radar Pictures
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IMDB - Jason Moskowitz

In technology, Mr. Moskowitz is a founding partner and managing member of The APP Company (“TAC”), a fast-growing iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android and other mobile platform applications development company.  The APP Company is the developer of well know successful Apps such as the astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his Buzz Aldrin’s Portal to Science and Space Exploration (which reached #1 paid education app and #2 paid news app in the USA and many other countries in 2010), Ron Artest of the 2010 NBA champion Los Angeles Lakers’ App Ron Artest: Let’s Do It!, world-renowned raw foods chef, Bryan Au, Accuscore – sports predictive services app; Brainetics Math Education Software App, DU Smarthealth (for the Dubai telecommunication company) , Dice (Careers in Technology Guide), VCA (Value Card Alliance - the Inc 500 bartering system company), BNP Paribas Open app (one of the largest sporting events in the USA.  Sports Illustrated called it the “best app used at any tournament, Slam or non-Slam"), Rodgers Cup (Canada's largest tennis tournament), GIVE (in partnership with Network For Good - the premier 501C-3 charity donation portal) and the Out Of Africa Theme Park app.

The APP Company also created and owns the DocuApp ™ series; VideoHunters ™ (reached #115 overall paid iPad app); Launchpad ™ (our back office CRM system); FanConnect ™ social networking platform; the Alumni App platform (our customizable alumni app for colleges and high schools - initially launched for The University of Southern California); the TAC Hybrid Platform (iOS and Android hybrid systems for small and medium-sized businesses); the CrueCheck event check-in platform; and many other proprietary products and technologies.  For instance, with Gameday platform, the APP Company has taken on the huge college and university sports market in the USA.  Beginning with a successful series of apps for the University of Southern California, University of California at Berkeley, Arizona State University, Boise State University and the University of Hawaii; Gameday is a big business opportunity that is spreading across the country.  The APP Company is robust and productive, with over 150 Apps in various stages of the development/Apple iTunes approval/for sale pipeline. 

Always growing, in 2010 The APP Company expanded with its opening of AmPP!, its in-house App Marketing Promotions and Public Relations agency.  In 2011, The APP Company added publishing to its business offering and now enjoys numerous partnerships with top developers around the world releasing the highly successful LemonJoe, Biotic Blitz and Hyperball games.  The APP Company is an authorized Apple iPhone/iPad and Google Android Developer. 
The APP Company:

The road to The APP Company success started with numerous successful technology projects.  Highlights include the following:  In 1996 WebTV was a pioneer of bringing the internet into homes.  Mr. Moskowitz planned and executed, for WebTV, the hooking up of nearly every major electronics retailer and department store chain in the United States to the newborn internet via the WebTV Internet Terminal set-top box.  At this early stage in the internet’s development, retailers and customers not only had to be educated and persuaded to try the “internet,” but the retailers had to be physically hooked up by running miles of phone cable inside of tens of thousands of retail stores.   This was a first for every one of these retailers and helped the country adopt the internet as quickly as it did.  Educating retailers and consumers nationwide with new-to-the-world products having become a passion, in 1997, Mr. Moskowitz helped launch Sony MVC-FD5 Digital Mavica camera, known as the first commercially available digital camera.   In 1998, Mr. Moskowitz was instrumental in the early adoption of DVR technology, with his pioneering work for Replay TV and Philips Electronics.

Mr. Moskowitz has had a storied career and has been featured in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, Worth Magazine, Forbes, Fortune,, Los Angeles Business Journal, Robb Report, Los Angeles Times and California CEO.  Mr. Moskowitz is a firm believer that good charity begins in one’s own backyard.  Leadership positions of non-profit organizations include serving as a past board member and governor for California-based Athletes & Entertainers for Kids/911 For Kids. The organization raises funds for youth education programs and important community causes, featuring basketball’s great, Shaquille O’Neal; Pro Football Hall-of-Famer, Tim Brown and singer Jessica Simpson. 

In addition, Mr. Moskowitz founded CAMMA, the California Museum of Monumental Art, a non-profit museum dedicated to oversized important works that have trouble finding space for the public to view.  Within CAMMA, Mr. Moskowitz founded the development of CAMMA/Kids, a program to teach philanthropy to kids.  “It is our goal to create and grow a national hands-on program to interactively teach philanthropy and social responsibility to children of high net-worth individuals.”

Other successes include the founding and ownership of Gallery C, a critically and commercially successful contemporary art gallery housed in a 7,000 square foot historical building he restored in Hermosa Beach, CA and the founding of the organization Preferred Galleries of The World.

Mr. Moskowitz was also an investor in the 2004 acquisition of The Los Angeles Dodgers baseball franchise by Mr. Frank McCourt and also served from 2004 through 2008 on the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Advisory Board. 
Los Angeles Dodgers:

In the area of education, from 2006-2012, Mr. Moskowitz served on the Board of Trustees at Chadwick School, one of the world’s leading K-12 coeducational independent schools.  In 2010, he was part of the team that established the $150 Million Chadwick International School in Songdo, South Korea.  Additionally, since 1986 he has served as an Alumni Admissions Volunteer for his alma mater, Boston University as well as a founding member and currently serving on the Boston University Media Ventures Advisory Board.
Chadwick School: and Boston University:

In one of his most gratifying professional moments, in June 2011, Mr. Moskowitz co-wrote his friend, the astronaut and moonwalker Buzz Aldrin’s inspirational closing day speech for Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC ‘11).

Newest projects include founding in 2017, with his son Caden, Global Blockchain Technologies (GblockT).  GblockT develops software blockchain solutions and consults on blockchain strategy and implementation across a broad spectrum of industries.  Also in 2017, Mr. Moskowitz became a member of Tech Coast Angels, one of the largest and most active angel investment organizations in the U.S.
Tech Coast Angels:

Lives happily with his awesome wife and three children in Los Angeles, California area.